I decided a few months ago, while Eric and I were in a car driving for 10 hours, that I wanted to introduce a home line!  Everything we use in this house, whether it’s on our bodies, my face, make-up, or cleaners….I make using all natural ingredients!  I’m real particular, and it’s not a bad thing!  You can make all of your own cleaning products, but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what to mix with what.  SO I formulated the perfect concentrate!  A few pumps of our Let’s Clean into a 16 oz bottle filled with a cup of a general household item you already have, and then the rest with water!  There’s no magic science to mixing up something that 1. Smells amazing 2. Is all natural 3. Contains no harsh abrasive chemicals 4. And actually cleans and disinfects like it supposed to!

Our Let’s Clean contains saponified oils & butters, rosemary essential oil for anti-bacterials, tea tree Essential Oil for disinfecting, and Grapefruit for a fresh energized aroma!!!  I have written up some formulation suggestions, and they will come with your cleaner when you purchase!  A few things to remember.  Our cleaner DOES NOT mix well with vinegar!  Be sure to test a small spot before using on your cleaning surface.  If you feel a residue on the surface you’ve cleaned, you used too much of the concentrate.  Simply dampen a cloth and wash it away.  The 8 oz bottle of cleaner is about 4 16 oz bottles worth of cleaner!


– disinfecting multi-surface cleaner –

3-5 pumps of cleaner into a 16 oz. bottle.  1/2 cup of vodka or rubbing alcohol.  Fill remainder of bottle with water.

– floor cleaner –

2-3 pumps of cleaner into 16 oz. bottle.  Fill remainder with water

– bathroom cleaner –

2 pump of cleaner mixed with 1/4 cup of peroxide

– tub scrub –

2 pumps of cleaner mixed with 1/4 cup of baking soda to make a paste.

– dishes –

1 pump into sink full of water