Some don’t know, but our Night Serum is what kicked off the official launch of The Oily Lady!  4 years ago I ventured into the world of essential oils.  We were already eating organic and clean for the most part.  My daughters are both extremely allergic to additives and preservatives, which we discovered about 7 years ago.  Our oldest daughter has a severe form of Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome.  SO that catapulted me into this world of organic and healthy living.  Any and everything I can get my hands on to research the supplements of natural goods in the home, I was on it!  That evolved into me wanting to improve my skin, but I challenged myself by doing it only using natural and organic ingredients and essential oils.  Since I was able to get my daughter off her medicine by avoiding the junk and using essential oils, just maybe I could improve my skin.

I had been having issues with my skin since my youngest was born.  I thought it was just a hormonal thing.  At the same time we had a lot of changes happening in our lives, and I was working more.  I chalked it up as stress.  Along with stress and work came shopping at CVS for my make-up and not really having the care or time to worry about what I was putting on my face.  Ultimately, did the combination of these things wreck havoc on my skin?  I talk with a lot of women who want a product that is going to deliver.  They don’t want to take anything else into consideration or ask why their skin is acting the way it is, they just want the product to fix it!!!  I GET that!!!!  Us women are all about instant gratification.  With that, I give you our Night Serum.

I’ll be honest.  When I formulated this, I wanted a quick fix to help my skin too.  I was sick of the breakouts around my hairline.  The boils that would develop on my chin because of hormones.  The rough patches on my cheeks that wouldn’t go away.  Then every little zit I would get, it would leave behind a dark spot.  I had no glow.  My face was oil and dry.  It was a mess!!!!  I obsessively did research on which essential oils helped with what.  I wanted something to balance, help with the break outs and keep them away, nurture the dryness I was experiencing on my cheeks, and basically keep my skin in check.  Who wouldn’t want a product like that!?

Because essential oils are so potent, you are told a lot of times to use a carrier oil to help them hold their potency.  There are a wide array of carrier oils.  But were talking skin on your face here.  I hate COCONUT OIL.  Hate it!!!  It’s the worst thing for your skin, and I don’t care who you are 😉  You’ll notice none of our skin products have coconut oil in them (coconut fat is different). So coconut oil was definitely out… clogs your pores whether you want to believe it or not.  What carrier oils could I use that would protect and supplement my skin, but not break it out?  I tried a million combinations and settled on grapeseed oil with jojoba.  Grapeseed oil is a very light oil that is great for your skin.  It’s light enough that it’s not going to add to your oily complexion.  But if you have dry patches, like me, it’s just enough to help them along.  Jojoba is actually not an oil, but a wax.  It mimics the sebum in your skin and helps to balance your skin.  A lot of times when you’re using products that help to dry up those breakouts, you’re telling your skin to overproduce oil, then a week or 2 after you’ve cleared up from the chemically combined product you used that was SO great, you’re starting the whole process over again with a new break out that’s surfaced.  You know what I am talking about!

Clear skin is a science!  Whether you have skin that is oily, dry, chaotic, or mature you must always be mindful of what you’re putting on your skin, and what you’re putting into your body.  With the combination of the 11 essential oils and choice of carrier oils grapeseed and jojoba, the Night Serum was developed.  My skin started getting better.  I remember walking by neighbor in my driveway (I was headed to his house to have a glass of wine with his wife, he was heading to my house to watch his kids on the swing set) and he stopped, and was like “WHOA!  Your make-up looks really good!”  HAHA.  Well….I wasn’t wearing make-up.  I was like holy shit, the oils dude!  My face serum is working!  I would take selfies, or see family and friends I hadn’t seen in a few months and they would comment as well.  The same people that were giving me advice on seeing a dermatologist about my skin, were now so amazed at how much it had improved!  It came down to people inquiring about what I was using on my face.  Well, it’s a serum I made.  And they wanted me to make them some too.  So I surprisingly sold a quick 25 of them on Facebook one day, and then decided to take the opportunity to put myself out there with everything else I was doing to my skin.  It was more than just the night serum.  The charcoal I was using in my cleanser to detoxify, the tonic I was spraying on my face revitalize it, the blueberries I was soaking for a month to make a tincture to put into my moisturizer.  I was this witchcraft lady making all my skin care products, and people were dying over them!  It’s surreal.  But what my night serum did for these women’s skin as well, was something that just swells my heart!  Not only did it help them, but it also intrigued them to take the natural approach to their skincare too, and even their lives!  It introduces you to believing that something 100% natural works.  It REALLY does!!!!  I put so much time and research into these products, because putting yourself out there to a market of us “instant gratification” women is really hard.  Our night serum is our best seller, and it’s a product that people freak when they realize they’re almost out of it!

When I get inquiries about what products would be best for a potential customer’s skin, I always tell them they have to get the night serum because it’s gold.  It’s for every skin type.  It will target whatever you want to improve about your skin whether it’s breakouts, glow, dryness, dark spots, texture, and complexion.  So that’s the journey of our Night Serum, and that’s why it rocks.  It’s the product that is on every single counter of our customers.  It’s the product that our customers talk about to their girlfriends who notice a change in their skin.  It’s the product you put on your face, and then wake up the next morning to that breakout that was starting, and it’s almost gone.  It the product that proves that natural skincare is the best!!!!!   It’s just liquid gold in a bottle and everyone needs to get them some!


I just wanted to also say, that there is something about shopping small.  Since running a small business of my own now for 7 years (I am also Laynie and Belle, brand and web design for creative), I, myself, really strive on eating local, shopping local, and using local small businesses as much as I possibly can.  I just want to take a minute and say THANK YOU to everyone that supports us!  You really truly do support me and my family financially.  Every person has a story.  I like to be as transparent as possible, and am super against creating some sort of facade.  It is extremely hard, and sometimes stressful running your own business that’s caters to creating handmade products and depending on women to love them because they work.  I put a lot of pride and heart into these products, and do so proudly because it helps pay my bills and put food on my table to feed my children.  So, thank you.  We love all of our customers SO MUCH.  We recognize who supports us, and we know your name when it comes across our printer to be processed and boxed up <3 You guys are the true rockstars in all of this!!!!