Now that we have introduced a third moisturizer, I wanted to take the time to put out there my suggestions on what is best for your skin type.  Moisturizing is probably the most important step of your skin care regimen.  If you’re not moisturize your skin and keeping it balanced, you’re asking for havoc.  If your skin is too dry, that can influence wrinkles.  If your skin is too oil, that can influence clogged pores which leads to breakouts.

skin type : OILY + NORMAL + HORMONAL

Our BLUE ALOE is the perfect moisturizer if you have oily skin!  A lot of us have the tendency of getting oily during the summer, and dry during the winter.  If you’re that person, you will want to use Blue Aloe in the summertime for sure!  It doesn’t have any creamy properties, but focuses on balancing the sebum of your skin instead of nourishing it which can create an overproduction.  It contains tons of Frankincense Essential Oil which keeps those break-outs from even thinking about happening.  Blueberries are added for their antioxidant property.  They keep the skin subtle and rich to prevent signs of aging.  The aloe is there to help protect your skin.


skin type : DRY + CHAOTIC + MATURE

Our OLIVE YOU moisturizer is perfect for you if you experience dry skin or dry patches.  When I formulated this I kept in mind that sometimes this is just a t-zone issue, and that if you use something too creamy you may break out.  It’s formulated with Olive Oil, which is basically skin food.  There are a lot of different types of oils and butters that you can use on your skin, and while they may seem to be amazing at moisturizing your skin….underneath they could be building up and clogging your pores.  Of course, it takes about 2-3 weeks for an ugly underground zit to surface.  You ultimately think it was something that you used yesterday, when actually it’s the coconut oil you put on your skin 2 weeks ago!  So, I am very careful with types of moisturizing properties we use in our products!  I did extensive research and tests on this product and Olive Oil is just the best that there is for moisturizing the skin if it’s dry!  It also contains Helichrysum Essential Oil which is just a rich oil that aids in fine lines and wrinkles, fading dark spots, and clearing skin.



Our brand new moisturizer is SHEALOE.  It really is an all around moisturizer, and just good to have around (I think)  When you really don’t have any problem areas like dryness or breakouts, this will be the moisturizer you’ll want to grab!  Again, taking into consideration the types of butters and oils that are put not the face, as moisturizing as they may seem….they’re no good!  Shea Butter is on the safe side!  It’s super subtle and is going to leave your skin glowing!  Manuka essential oil has been adde into this formulation for an added boost of nourishment.  This moisturizer is just super rich, and I am absolutely in love with it!  Has it replaced my beloved blue aloe and olive you?  NO!  But I do know that I replaced this in my 11 year old daughter’s regimen.  She had been using Olive Oil, and as great as it is she gets a little too oily in her t-zone!  This is working out wonderfully for her!!!