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New products from Beauty Squared!

Posted by Ash Stamper on
New products from Beauty Squared!

Thank you so much for purchasing the Beauty Squared *Fall* Box!  It came with 4 brand new products, so let me talk about them a little bit.  I apologize that there was not a product pamphlet in the box.  Solo business owner problems.  My printer was being a complete pain.  

First, the Indie Serum, Lumi Skin Polish, and Make-up Melt will be permanent products and available in the shop next week!  They are just that great!  And I am SO excited about them.  

Indie Serum - 

It is super rich in amino acids with hemp seed oil and argan oil.  It is infused with cannabis oil, which is made from the hemp flower.  This serum's targeted to help calm inflamed skin.  Skin inflammation can be caused from rosacea, eczema, and "pickers'.  That word makes me cringe, but it is true that y'all exist.  Skin ailments like this damage the skin and make it angry.  This helps to reverse the damage, calm it down, and protect it.  With this serum you will get balance...even if you're oily!  I know it's crazy to think that if you have oily skin, putting oil on it will make it worse.  You're wrong!  It has amazing moisturizing benefits, but is very light.  Pretty much the whole package and can be used for all skin types.  It is really great for people who have sensitive skin.  

You will apply this at night.  All you need is a half dropper.  If wearing other serums, they can be layered.  Serums are treatments and must-haves in any skincare regimen.  They're the last thing you apply before going to sleep - after Face Tonic.  I recommend using all serums at night, unless you don't wear make-up.  With them having hydrating and moisturizing properties, it is not necessary to use a moisturizer at night unless you feel the need.   Day Serum is obviously best for daytime.  It is oil free and perfect with your moisturizer layered over it.  

Lumi Skin Polish

It's a cream and it's SO good!!  It smells amazing and is so effective.  The highlight of this product is crushed pearls!  Major brightening effect.  It will aid in fading dark spots.  Melasma.  Uneven skin tone...  It also has pumice stone powder.  A lot of times exfoliants are too much for skin, but so necessary for skin turnover.  So they can be a turnoff for people with sensitive skin.  This is a super light exfoliant and the pearl powder is a brightening agent.  I am not a fan of "scratching or abrasive" exfoliants that actually scratch the skin and create micro abrasions opening it up to bacteria.  Too much exfoliation can break-down your natural layer of protection as well, and you will breakout from that.  I am not a big on exfoliants leaving behind a residue either, especially when you're applying a serum or moisturizer after exfoliating.  

You can use this in the morning or at night after cleansing.  Make sure that skin is still a little damp.  You will want to follow up with Face Tonic.  Only exfoliate up to 2 times a week!  That is all.  

Make-Up Melt

Ummm.  Who has used this?!  And who loves it?!?!  It's pretty straight forward and removes make-up.  This includes water proof mascara.  I did discontinue Gypsy Double Cleanser.  I wasn't a fan of Gypsy Double Cleanser being a "water".  So my goal with Make-up Melt was to create something just simple and effective, but I am loving that it is creamy.  There are gentle cleansing agents and it is not necessary to rinse, actually...but you can rinse if you feel the need.  This does make it great for accidentally swiping the mascara wand over your cheek.  Or is just me does that?  I do recommend following up with a cleanser when used to remove your whole face.

Rub a quarter size into skin and over eyes to remove make-up.  Wipe or rinse off with a cloth.  I recommend a micro-fiber cloth.


Fallish Masque

This may surprise some that pumpkin is awesome for skin.  It is full of nutrients, which basically makes it a super food for the skin.  It has glycolic acid which gently peels the skin leaving behind refreshed and soft skin. THIS MAY BURN A LITTLE.  Remove the masque and apply a natural oil (like olive) or a baking soda water mixture.  This will neutralize it.  The sting only lasts for a minute, as it self-neutralizes.  I personally like that I can feel the masque taking affect and to me it's worth it because it only takes a minute or 2 for it to do it's thing.

Use at night after cleansing.  I do not recommend using this after exfoliating, as it does this gently anyways.  Use once every 2 weeks.  It is good for all skin types.  If irritation occurs discontinue use as with any masque that has natural peeling agents.  To neutralize use a natural oil or a baking soda water mixture, but this is not necessary.  


Let me know what products you love!?  I know that with my seasonal Beauty Squared Boxes I get excited for the products.  I challenge myself to make them better every time!  I think I nailed this one?!  What do you think?  Which product is your favorite?  

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