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Face sunscreen and why I am not a fan.

Posted by Ash Stamper on
Face sunscreen and why I am not a fan.

Just hang on and let me explain!  I know this is an "OMG, is she crazy?"  You should know that I am person that is real.  I don't even sell SPF products.  It is a trillion dollar industry.  I'm not interested in the liability or the licensing process it takes. 

Please continue to read.  I'm going to just state some straight up textbook sunscreen facts for you that the general population is 100% aware of.  

"For sunscreen to be effective and protect you from harmful rays you must reapply every 2 hours."  

This is common knowledge!  You go to the pool.  You go to the beach.  If you don't apply sunscreen every 2 hours and if you've got the complexion that burns, you will get burnt.  If you don't burn, it doesn't matter.  Sun exposure causes melanin to hyper-produce which is your body's way of protecting you from sun damage.  Realistically speaking, we're all living with skin that has been damaged by the sun in one way or another.  It's okay.  It's a fact of life.  Protect when it needs protected. 

"Be sure to apply sunscreen every morning and make this apart of your skincare regimen."

Here it is again.  The common knowledge recommendation.  Why???  The sun's rays are more powerful between the hours of 10 am - 2 pm.  Facts.  And then sunscreen wears off in 2 hours . Fact.  

Also, once you apply sunscreen the rays immediately start to break it down and the SPF goes from the suggest 30 to about 5 or 10 once that 2 hour window is up.  So it will give you zero protection in no time.  This goes for make-up too.  AND even th the amount you must put on to get the full protection of whatever SPF you are putting have to straight up slather it on!  For your body the recommend amount of sunscreen that should be rubbed into skin is 2 shot glasses.  Break out the paint roller, pretty much.

Raise your hand if you're applying sunscreen during the day every 2 hours!

Everyday?!  I'm not!  And I'm not going to sit here and lie to you about it.  We have a pool.  We live 3 hours from the beach.  I can't even put into words how much I love summer, and swimming, and laying out, and putting my feet in the sand!  It is the season I live for.  Whatever this fall stuff that is happening right now makes me sad.  

When it comes to these types of days where I am obviously going to be exposed to the sun, I most definitely put sunscreen on obsessively.  I'll do 30 spf for my body (I've bought the Target brand for years.) And then Mad Hippie Facial Sunscreen for face was a favorite for me just this past year.  I apply it about every hour and a half religiously.  And use shade too!  There is an umbrella over a corner of the pool.  And I use an umbrella at the beach.  If I'm doing yard work, I wear a hat.

I am psycho crazy about what I put on my face.  I rarely even touch my face with my own hands.  There is no way that I am going to put something on my face that may give me a chance of a single little lonely zit.

A clear indication that your face doesn't like the SPF products you're putting on your face everyday is a very light bumpy rash.  Soooo, why put a sunscreen on every single morning that isn't going to be effective past 2 hours and then it may be breaking you out if you have breakouts or rough skin texture.  Not to mention the fillers that it takes for that sunscreen to be stable within the products.  Breakout causer, yes ma'am.  Why put this on your skin more than you need to?

I'm a walking billboard for this business of mine.  I am just over here making people's skin clear and flawless.  Foundation free type vibes.  Doing it all naturally.  That is my passion!  I can't do that when my customers are doing things that counteract the results.  And there isn't a product out there that is going to fix skin that is over-exposed to sunscreen.  The fix is going to be applying sunscreen when needed.  Not every morning/day.  So I am here to tell you that if you use a daily SPF (or a foundation with SPF) then this could be the cause for your breakouts and rough skin.  Your pores do not like the exposure of sunscreen everyday.  Even if it's natural sunscreen.  It isn't effective and it's not necessary.

I am about reversing skin damage and aging.  Not stopping it.

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