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Auto Order Oily Lady


This is a perfect way for you to receive your favorite Oily Lady product on auto order so that you never run out!  Oily Lady products are made fresh, so this helps me to plan on the inventory of products I will need to make and ship, and you will have zero wait time!  

How does this work?

1. Choose the product that you would like to be shipped on a monthly basis.

2. You will be charged for this initial product normally with this order.

3. By purchasing this product you also agree to receive a setup on how to keep the product on auto-ship.  It's a super easy setup!!  It is 100% secure.  We will send this manually.  It's not an auto send, and we will be available for any questions!

4. By doing the steps above, this will initiate your auto-ship on a monthly basis.  You will be automatically charged until you cancel.  Cancellation is free as well, and no big deal!  Just let us know and we will gladly walk you through the steps.  

5. **BONUS** All auto-ordered item(s) receive free shipping too!!!!

This initial auto-oder item can be added in conjunction to other items that you may not necessarily be ordering monthly!  You will only receive auto-order setup for the products you've chosen within this listing to receive on a monthly basis!