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Beauty Squared - Fall Edition

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$147 value for ONLY $50 

Comes with Lumi Skin Polish, Indie Serum, Make-Up Melt, and Fallish Masque.

Indie Serum

The Indie Serum *does not* contain any CBD or THC.  The rare essential oil is steam distilled from the flower. It is for all skin types including oily and sensitive. So, what exactly does this do for your skin? I talked about how important it is for your skin to have a protective barrier a few days ago... As we age, our body stops producing the goodness that our skin needs and you 100% have to supplement it! Have eczema, rosacea, or psoriasis? Freaking amazing for these skin ailments! It stimulates your skin to exfoliate itself, which gives you balance and glow. It doubles as a moisturizer AND hydrator. All while giving skin that protective barrier it needs Protecting your pores from acne causing bacteria. I’ve formulated it with a variety of non-comedogenic oils like Neem which works to heal skin damaged from UV rays. It is also infused with Mimosa essential oil giving the benefit of calming angry and inflamed skin. I’m SOO excited about it!

Lumi Skin Polish

Crushed Pearl Powder is a natural buffing agent to smooth skin...think microdermabrasion... BUT it also has skin lightening properties to help fade dark spots and hyper-pigmentation! It is super easy to use once a week as it is a cream consistency vs. powder like Face Grains. It is for all skin types! It is infused with Cedarwood to soothe skin and prevent blemishes. Who’s getting excited!!? I will be announcing the 2 other products before the day is over.

Make-Up Melt

This is a gelee make-up remover! Im@obsessed with the texture. It’s perfect for all skin types.  It leaves behind ZERO residue (unlike Remove The Day) and sets the platform for cleansing! Your cleanser is not a make-up remover! Just like your make-up remover is not a cleanser. I can’t stress that enough. You have to use both to effectively clean your skin.  Make-up Melt has water and oil components that magnet to make-up! Have blackheads? That is a mixture of dirt, leftover make-up, and sebum in your pores that have oxidized. Gotu Kola extract helps to rejuvenate the skin exposing the surface so you can get an effective clean from your cleanser!

Fallish Masque

I just had include something “Fallish” and I have actually had this exact masque in a fall box years ago! The main guys involved in this masque are pumpkin, bilberry, and sugar. Combined you receive a mini peel with their enzyme power! Enzymes are my favorite for skin turnover! They are super gentle but also so effective! You don’t have the side effects of dry, peeling, or irritated skin! They penetrate the skin and go to work for days. I am not a pumpkin spice girl whatsoever but I’ll slather pumpkin on my face all day long! 

This is a one time purchase NOT a subscription box!!!  Enjoy the goodness without any commitments!

Receive 4 FULL SIZE products! These products have never been available in our shop!  This is the Fall Edition of our Beauty Squared, and has 4 face care essentials you will need and definitely want!  I am ridiculously excited for you to get these in your hands!  Every single product is specifically formulated using pure natural ingredients!  All boxes will ship October 15th-October 18th.  You will receive a tracking notification when your box has shipped!!

Please purchase the Beauty Squared Box ALONE.  Please do not purchase it with other Oily Lady products, because your box will not be expedited.  Beauty Squared orderS cannot be combined with future orders placed.  Discounts or free with purchase deals do not apply.

Limited boxes available!!!

Our products do not contain any animal by-products, 100% all natural, handmade, hand bottled, and hand labeled, 80% organic, and always essential oil infused.  Please message us if you have any type of allergies so that we can confirm that the products will be good for you!