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I thought that it would be good to know what your actually Oily Lady uses on her face.  Our results cater to all skin types.  I used to have chaotic skin that broke out like a pepperoni pizza.  That is where Oily Lady came to be.  I formulated the Night Serum, and it starting improving my face.  The rest is history!  I’ve fell into my regimen, probably in just the last 6 months where my skin hardly breaks out at all.  It takes TIME!


1. Remove The Day Balm :

To use this, there is no skin prep.  This is your skin prep!  Take a wet wash cloth, and wipe it into the balm.  Work the cloth in circular motions on your face to remove all of your make-up.  This is a necessary step, as our cleansers are not make-up removers!

2. Squeaky Clean

Safter rinsing your face with the Remove The Day Balm, you might have a greasy residue.  That’s totally okay!  The Squeaky Clean will break it right up.  Drop about a nickel size into your hand.  Our cleansers are sulfate free, so they will not sud.  This cleanser is infused with charcoal. It helps to pull out of all of the impurities from your skin!  Cleanse your skin using circular motions, and cleanse for 2 minutes!  That is how long it takes the cleanser to bond with the impurities to remove them.  Rinse and pat dry.

3. Face Grains

This is a step that you will only do once or twice a week.  Our Face Grains are made with a legume that releases an enzyme when wet and helps to do a teeny tiny peel to accelerate skin turnover and allow the night serum to penetrate more effectively!  Make about a quarter size of dry Face Grains.  Put that into the palm of your hand.  Mix in a little water, and make a gritty paste.  Just like with the Remove The Day Balm and Squeaky Clean, use circular motions to exfoliate your skin.  Circulator motions are always what you want to do, because it is less tugging on the skin.  Tugging on the skin stretches the skin and promotes wrinkles in the long wrong!  After you have done this for about a minute, rinse well and pat dry.

4. Face Tonic

Now with everything you have done above, you’ve knocked your skin PH level out of whack!  It’s totally okay, but we need to bring it back to normal!  Our Face Tonic contains all the properties in order to do this, and toner is an absolute must for any skin care regimen.  You will not get results without balancing your skin’s PH.  Spray onto dry face, and leave sit to dry!  No need to rinse!

5.  Night Serum

Our liquid gold – the infamous Night Serum.  Since starting Oily Lady 3 years ago, we have sold over 4000 units of Night Serum!  It gives me butterflies every time!  Take a half full dropper, and apply to skin in circular motions.  It will soak into skin in about 15-20 minutes!  That’s all for the evening!  Next Step is for morning!


1. Face Tonic

This is before you apply makeup or walk out the door!  It is just what I do before I get ready for the day.  You will rinse your face with water.  There is no need to cleanse your face again, unless you did something to make it dirty (yard work, for instance)  If you did get your face dirty, then use the Squeaky Clean first.  After rinsing with water, apply the Face Tonic just like you did above, and allow to dry!

2. Vita Serum

Now take 2 squirts or a half dropper (whichever closure you have) and apply to your face just like a lotion.  Our Vita Serum it rich in vitamins and hyaluronic acid!  There is no greasy residue, as it soaks right into skin and makes it perfectly supple!  Your skin is now prepped for the day, and yes this works perfectly under make-up!

Sidenote : I do receive facials twice a month, I have done microdermabrasion, and I have received Lactic Acid peels, which accelerate skin turnover.  This is not “cheating”.  It is taking care of your skin and apart of what your regimen should include as well.  If you’re a mid 30 something like me, you’re getting to the age where taking care of your skin is a necessary must.  Don’t be the one that thinks about it when you’re almost 50, and you’re reminded by your age with wrinkles and age spots!