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Starting your self-care with skin care.


Now so more than ever, we are drawn to anything that will give us instant gratification!  Personally I am on a first name basis with my Doordash, Instacart, and Papa Johns delivery folks.  So, I get it!  Your skin doesn't work that way, unfortunately.

When it comes to skincare the biggest waste is expecting to have overnight results.  Maybe you have bought a bunch of products, you use them for a few days and then you don't see these OMG results.  This can come from broken promises with before/after images or just using the incorrect products for your skin type.  It's easy to give up and "not believe" that a skincare regimen is important.

There are simply ingredients that will absolutely, no way no how, give you results without using them long-term.  It's just not scientifically possible.  You have to be consistent and know that the short-term results over the course of a few weeks that you'll see will have nothing on the amazing long-term results!

I promise with realistic expectations, qualified guidance on what products to use for your skin type, patience, and dedication; a skincare regimen will work for you!  

My best advice is to start simple.

It is not necessary to go balls to the wall when it comes to your skincare regimen in the beginning.  Do you even know what the products you're using will do for your skin?  What is your goal?  You don't want to fix everything all at once!  Using too many products at once, you can actually be over-doing it and hurting your skin.

I always tell first time customers that we want to focus on balance to begin with.  To achieve balance you only need

cleanser + toner + moisturizer

By balancing the skin first you're going to create a habit for yourself.  You're going to start seeing tiny results within a week of using them everyday.  For my customers softer skin is always first.  So it's easy to want to keep using them to achieve softer skin, and then more evident results will glow and even skin tone.

Once you've created balance, then you can start introducing other products into your regimen to target issues like breakouts, fine lines, dark spots, etc.  Without the balance, you're not going to get results targeting your issues of concern.  Imagine putting a serum on skin that is dry and flaky.  That serum is going to sit right on top of your skin and it needs to penetrate into skin that is balanced to take effect.  Your skin isn't going to "heal" and the serum isn't going to be effective for skin that is dry and flaky.  So you're automatically going to think it's a worthless product and that will be it.  You'll be pissed you spent the money.  And you'll feel hopeless and the search will be on to use something else.  But not before you revert back to using your bar of soap that you were originally using.  So, then you're 2 steps back instead of 1 step forward.

Set your skin up for success by first getting a skin consult by someone who is qualified...which I just so happen to be.  I've been in the beauty industry for 17 years and a few years ago, to give my customers more confidence in my products, I took the steps to add esthetician to my credentials as a licensed cosmetologist.  Skin itself is not simple and there are a lot of things to take into consideration when recommending products.  So let's talk about your skin!  First time customers get 30% off their first order, too!  I will recommend the correct cleanser, toner, and moisturizer for you to use within the first few weeks and then give you some input on serums.  I always try to follow-up too!  Even my long time customers need a consult on some products because your skin type can change with the elements of the season and just life in general. 

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