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What the make up?

First of all, let me say...I am a make-up snob.  I have a deep appreciation for pure pigments and lasting power.  I ignore the brand.  I want what works.  I make a few exceptions to ingredients, and I have done extensive research (including testing) to make sure that what is being used isn't a pore clogger or irritant.  That is the most important thing to me personally.  I will stay away from make-up that causes bad skin with a ten foot pole.

A lot of the times ingredients have fancy names but they are actually derived from botanicals.  Listed below are products that are Oily Lady approved.  I get that we all want to use natural.  I mean, that is why you're here and why you're a customer of mine, right?  But y'all, just because it's natural we want it to work. Amiright?!  If not it's a waste or money and it's annoying!  I personally don't wear makeup that you can't see because it has zero pigment or by the time the day ends my foundation, bronzer and blush have completely melted off my face because it doesn't have anything substantial trying to stay up with the natural label!

So, here we go!  I am in no way affiliated with any of these brands or items.  I am making no money by recommending these products!  I just want my customers to have good skin, because then what is the point of using my products if you're just going to use gross makeup that counteracts the effectiveness of your skin care products.  It's a vicious cycle.  The good thing is that more and more brands are working on eliminating the bad stuff because customers don't want that junk on their face.  But still some of the ingredients are pore cloggers, even if they're natural.  I am not going to get all medical on you, but I'm going to note on skin based facts.  Honestly, we would all be in a bubble based on someone's opinion on what's healthy and what's not.

First, here are ingredients you want to stay away from and why.

You will hear a lot about silicones being bad.  Truth is, it's hard to find any product without some sort of silicone derivative, and good luck getting your makeup on smooth and staying on.  It won't.  

Any type of chemical sunscreens.  These will clog your pores in an instant.  They will show up as tiny little bumps or you may have a reaction all together that presents itself as hives and itchy.  Ingredients listed as:

Paraban. Or nything with the suffix of -paraban.  Clogs pores.
Polyethylene.  It's basically plastic.  Clogs pores.  
Fragrance or Parfum.  Now, we've all been told yuck, nothing with fragrance.  You can scroll the ingredients and then bam, the last of maybe 5 ingredients says "fragrance" I know for a fact this means miniscule.  And I personally wouldn't shun a product when fragrance is listed as an ingredient towards the end of the list.  You can definitely find products that don't contain fragrances at all, but some of the good ones do.  
Lead.  Um, hello.  No explanation needed.
Chemical Preservatives.  These are preservatives and basically formaldehyde under secret names.  BTW.  Who likes the smell of a new car.  Formaldehyde.  Yes, ma'am.  Barf.

DMDM hydantoin

BHUT (butylated hydroxytoluene)


diazolidinyl urea

sodium hydrozymethylglycinate

imidazolidinyl urea


quarternium-15, Quaternium-18, Quaternium-26



I really like Maybelline products!!  Shocker right?!  Just because it's drugstore doesn't mean it's bad.  They offer great coverage, shades, and cater to all skin types!  I have and use the Fit Me sometimes and love it. 

NYX.  I have the Total Control Drops foundation.  It is a buildable foundation and great for everyday.  It goes on silky smooth and doesn't cake.  Fills the pores wonderfully.  Great for dry skin.  This is the makeup I use everyday.

Estee Lauder Double Wear.  There are 2 different Double Wears.  One contains sunscreen and the other doesn't.  I obviously use the one sans sunscreen.  I can't find the perfect shade for my winter skin, but love it for summer.  Since we are beach babies here are the East Coast, I definitely slap this on for the beach and selfie worth pics.  Bruh.  This stuff is like glue!!!  It's freaking amazing on the stays put scale.  Great for all skin types.

Bare Minerals.  I love any and all Bare Mineral products.  The only 2 things I don't like is it gets all over my freaking bathroom because it's a dust.  And I wear glasses and it will cake up around where they sit on the bridge of my nose. AND I can't wear contacts.  I think the coverage is great.  It's buildable.  They also offer a variety of shades and cater to dry-oily skin.

Clinque.  Just watch for the chemical sunscreen ingredients.

Milk.  This is a fairly new brand.  My 14 year old daughter uses the foundation that goes on like a tinted moisturizer.  She is my child that is amazing at makeup but she likes the natural look.  Love her heart.  ***This makeup looks so good on her youthful skin.  Her face is virtually perfect since she uses Oily Lady products.  Even through those hormonal breakouts.  The only luxury she has is being able have the products readily available and she mixes the Squeaky Clean cleanser and Fresh Face and uses them together.  She says it works better.  Ha!  I also give her a facial weekly.



Bare Minerals.  Again, love it all.  I use the blush.

Wet n Wild.  I use the Contouring Palette Contour.  I love that the bronzer doesn't look dirty because it's warm.  It goes on smoothly and stay put.  The lighter side is a great finishing powder for my skin color.  Great for both dry and oily skin.  Talc is the first ingredient BUT it's cruelty free.  So that trumps Talc for me.

Clinque.  I have a Cheek Pop blush I will interchange with my bare minerals.  

Nars.  Love the blushes.  I am not currently using any, but have in the past.  They have amazing pigments.

Elf.  They offer a lot of products and they're inexpensive.  (I hate the word cheap)  They're all perfectly safe in my book.  I am just not a fan of the pigment power.  They are very sheer coverage, but that works for some people.

Physicians Formula.  Love all their bronzers and highlighters!  They offer a lot as far as tones/highlight.  Side note : I have tried their foundations and although I approve them on the ingredient side, they are cakey and I hate that!

Spoiler.  If you bought the Beauty Squared Box, it's coming with a highlighter.  Shhhhhh.  It's fab and for all skin types.  It is 100% kosher with Oily Lady product integrity.  



This is tricky, because I don't look at the ingredients, because it's all pigment.  I am a trial and error over the years as far as what irritates my eyes and what doesn't.  Like I said above with the contact thing, my eyes are extremely sensitive, and I have hella allergies.  

Lancome.  Love all their eyeshadows and they have great pigment.

Milk.  Their Kush Mascara is everything!  It's my new favorite.

Maybelline.  Again, love their mascaras.  I also use their eye shadows.  

I don't use these as single products, but I use eyeshadow instead.  I will wet my brush to apply eyeliner.  And then for my brown I'll fill in the edges and ends with eyeshadow and take a eyebrow brush to blend. 

Two Faced.  The infamous Better Than Sex mascara.  I've used it tons in the past and my daughter uses it as well.  Zero irritants. 

Profusion.  Love their eyeshadows. 



Clinque.  I only use the Superprimer as a base.  I do use a spray, and you'll just have to wait and see what I use in a few weeks. ;) 



Mad Hippie.  They're Facial SPF is my new favorite!  It covers both spectrums, which is important.  It has Shea Butter which is amazing for skin.  Micronized Zinc Oxide, which means it won't clog pores.  It is free of coconut oil.  And uses Carrot Oil which is a great sun protectant.  Plus it's super inexpensive and goes on clear.

Target. For the body we use the Target brand.  I don't mess around with trying natural things if it's not on my face. I understand that spray sunscreens can irritate skin, but in this family we are good.  Sunscreen is a multi billion dollar industry.  You can't compete with that, plus the liability of it maybe not working? 

In closing.  If it's not on this list then I have not used it in the last year or it's not something that I would use due to irritants it may cause with skin.  I feel like I make a lot of good points and give some leeway.  At the end of the day a skin care regimen that is natural is most important to me.  At least if you're a make-up snob like me.  I wear makeup so you can see it.  Products that are packed full of dangerous chemicals just aren't readily available anymore.  The cosmetic industry is shifting, and I am so proud to be a part of that shift for the last 5 years.


Please let me know if you ever have questions on a product you use or are wanting to use.  I am to answer any questions you have!