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What the make up?

First of all, let me say...I am a make-up snob.  I have a deep appreciation for pure pigments and lasting power.  I ignore the brand.  I want what works and I am extremely picky about my ingredients.  I make a few exceptions to "synthetic" ingredients, but I always make sure that what is being used isn't a pore clogger or irritant, and I definitely don't want to use something that is going to create long term effects in my body.  You can use make-up that has safe *natural and synthetic* ingredients for skin and safe ingredients for your body!  It's just hard to find, and really time consuming to figure out.  It's a lot of work and research to be knowledgeable, and I am more than happy to share my knowledge!  Just because it's natural doesn't mean it's good.  And just because it's "synthetic" doesn't mean it's bad. 

There is a lot of hype when cosmetic companies say plant-based, hypoallergenic, all natural, cruelty free, etc.  Now more so than ever.  If they can spruce up their products by putting a green friendly label on them, they do.  It can literally mean 1 ingredient is "safe" then they get away with masking it with other ingredients that are so great. When you dig deep though, are the products really "green friendly"?  Or do you just go with it and believe the power of marketing?  The cosmetics industry is sneaky.  It's competitive and big corporate companies are always trying to stay ahead with what is mainstream "healthy" When honestly new ingredients are being created to replace ingredients that have a bad rep , but the new ingredients haven't even existed long enough to know what the long-term effects are.  Or they have not been tested by outside sources.  Testing typically comes from the inside and companies pay to have their own products tested for safe hazard, which then gives outstanding results always making the best at what they create.  Contact dermatitis is still a thing and should not be ignored.  Skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and acne are serious and you must be careful with what you are putting on your skin to keep it in check!  

So, here we go!  I am in no way affiliated with any of these brands or items.  I am making no money by recommending these products!  I just want my customers to have good skin, free of irritants and side effects.  There would be no point in using my products if you're just going to use gross makeup that counteracts the effectiveness of your skin care products.  It's a vicious cycle.  I am not going to get all medical on you, but I'm going to note on skin based facts.  Honestly, we could all be in a bubble based on someone's opinion on what's healthy and what's not.  I'm just keeping it real.

First, here are ingredients you want to stay away from and why.

You will hear a lot about silicones being bad.  Truth is, it's hard to find beauty products (hair and make-up) without some sort of silicone derivative, and good luck getting your makeup on smooth and staying on.  It won't.  There are silicones that won't wash away that are horrible for the skin and just settle into your pores. Then there are also silicones that are water-soluble that are okay to use!  They actually do a great job of keeping moisture in the skin as well.  I will say that none of my products have silicones in them, but a lot of the make-up and hair products I use do.  There is a list of 80 different silicones that are water-soluble and then water-insoluble.  Instead of listing them all individually, I am just going to list my safe-list of products towards the bottom. 


L'Oreal Photoready Candid

Maybelline Dream Velvet











Cotz- They have the BEST facial sunscreens!  I highly recommend any of their products for the face.  It is my new favorite!

NoAD Sunscreen is good for the body

In closing.  If it's not on this list then I have not used it in the last year or it's not something that I would use due to irritants it may cause with skin.  I feel like I make a lot of good points and give some leeway.  At the end of the day a skin care regimen that is natural is most important to me.  At least if you're a make-up snob like me.  I wear makeup so you can see it.  Products that are packed full of dangerous chemicals just aren't readily available anymore.  The cosmetic industry is shifting, and I am so proud to be a part of that shift for the last 5 years.


Please let me know if you ever have questions on a product you use or are wanting to use.  I am to answer any questions you have!

***Everything stated in this post is my personal opinion that is backed up by hours of personal ingredient research and use by *me* Trust my opinion at your own risk.  I legally have to state this as a disclosure.