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Dry Skin Set

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It’s crazy how the Winter months can completely transform your skin, amiright?!  This set is everything you need if you’re suffering from dry skin!  Remember that having continuous dry skin is a huge culprit of wrinkles.  So, you want to make sure to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized to promote elasticity and glow!

 First, our Fresh Face is a gentle cleanser.  It mocks the oil cleansing method.  The dirt and oil magnet to the cleanser and leaves behind nourished and treated skin with rosemary and tea trees essential oil.

Face Tonic is a toner.  Toner is the most important but most underrated step in skincare.  It’s an absolute necessity as it balances your skin and refines pores.  It’s calming infusion of lavender and chamomile essential oils give all skin a little extra kick to helping clear any blemishes that may try to surface.

After completing your cleansing and toning, you’ll want to follow up with our moisturizer, Olive You.  It is olive oil based which is gold for the skin.  100% non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog pores.  It’s a very simple moisturizer that is great for all skin types and works to moisturize skin with it’s richness.

Our brand new Day Serum is for the morning.  It doubles as a treatment with tomato extract.  You’ll want to apply this first thing, and then follow up with Olive You.  It is your hydrator, so it’s going to keep water locked into the skin while the proteins of the Olive you are going to bond to it restoring the skins elasticity, keeping it glowing, and leaving it 100% moisturized and fresh!  

This little quartet is all you need to restore your skins balance!