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Restore Set

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Tight and flaky skin is the absolute worst!  Not only does this enable wrinkles but dry skin can also cause breakouts and blackheads!  

Thank you to the outer elements, dry skin during the winter is almost inevitable.  A moisturizer alone will not cut it.  Your skin craves balance and who doesn't want that smooth and glowy complexion? 

This exclusive Day Serum is a 3% Hyaluronic Acid Complex.  Typical HA concentrations range from .25-1%, so this is a super concentrated formula that bonds water to skin making it ridiculously effective.  To seal the deal and give skin conditioning and protection, you need Olive You.  It is olive oil based which is enriching to skin and will not clog pores!  The 2 gives skin instant results!  There is no greasy residue and it is great for all skin types. 

When you layer the 2 together you've created balance protection and skin is restored! 

Use daily to keep skin balanced.  Apply Day Serum, let dry.  Then layer Olive Oil over it.