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Oily Skin Set

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Here comes the warm months!  Besides that, some of us are just prone to oily skin.  So if you’re feeling oily like woah, this set is everything you need if you’re prone to having oily skin!  Remember that having continuous oily skin means your pores are working in overdrive to supplement your skin with sebum.  Excess sebum (better known as oil) helps combat wrinkles, but can leave your pores clogged and promote breakouts.

First, Squeaky Clean is a detoxifying Cleanser.  It works to bring oils to the surface so that your pores stay clean and balanced.  If you are prone to breakouts this will work hard to detoxify you in the first week or two, and you may experience a slight break out or dryness.  Continuous use will keep your skin fresh and clean. 

Face Tonic is a toner.  Toner is the most important but most underrated step in skincare.  It’s an absolute necessity as it balances your skin and refines pores.  It’s calming infusion of lavender and chamomile essential oils give all skin types a little extra kick to helping clear any blemishes that may try to surface.  It will keep the oil at bay as well

After completing your cleansing and toning, you’ll want to follow up with our moisturizer, Blue Aloe.  It is an aloe based moisturizer which will kelp the skin supple.  100% non-comedogenic, which means it won’t clog pores.  It’s a very simple moisturizer that gives oily skin moisture without using any butters, which promotes oils.  A moisturizer is an important step, and this is perfect for oily skin.  It’s infusion of frankincense and blueberries makes it smell like candy.

Our brand new Day Serum is for the morning.  It doubles as a treatment with tomato extract.  You’ll want to apply this first thing in the morning, and then follow up with Blue Aloe.  It is your hydrator, so it’s going to keep water locked into the skin while the goodness of Blue Aloe is going to bond to it restoring the skins elasticity, keeping it glowing, and leaving it 100% moisturized and fresh!  

Our Face Grains and Night Serum compliment this set perfectly. 

This little quartet is all you need to restore your skins balance!